Q: Why should you choose to work with NFast2 International for custom parts that we represent?

a: We represent several reputable manufacturing companies from Asia. The range of products include, but are not limited to, custom LEDs, ICT probes and sensors, custom batteries, LCD displays, PCB, sheet metal parts, plastic injection moulding and many more. Our goal is to bring a cost saving solution to our customer and help with sourcing solution from lower cost region. Our leadership team personally visits and audits these manufacturing facilities in Asia, prior to selecting them as a company we represent.

Q: In the field of custom components supplier, what is a Franchised Distributor?

a: A Franchised Distributor is licensed by an component manufacturer to be an exclusive supplier of their products. Unlike NFast2 International, Ltd. Co., an independent distributor who can literally search the world for the best price of the same custom part, the Franchised Distributor is allowed to source only their own Subsidiaries and the factory for that manufacturer's products.

Q: Why should you choose NFast2 International, Ltd. Co. over a Franchised Distributor?

a: Sometimes, timing can be a crucial factor. Even more so, when you are up against a deadline. You can depend on NFast2 International, Ltd. Co. to come through for you in satisfying all of your component needs. We offer many value added services, as our goal is to keep our impressive product sourcing speed, our prices competitive, and our incomparable personal services. So, why go elsewhere for your needs?

Q: How large of an order does NFast2 International, Ltd. Co. require?

a: Whether you need only one or one thousand parts, at NFast2 International your order is important to us. We understand that meeting all of our product needs, large or small, is what helps build a great client/distributor relationship. At NFast2 International, Ltd. Co. that's what we strive for.

Q: What makes NFast2 International, Ltd. Co. your best choice?

a: At NFast2 International Ltd. Co., we believe in treating our clients and their requests on an individual basis. Whether a client needs their order delivered tomorrow or just in time to meet their schedule, we will endeavor to deliver as per our client's requirement. Satisfying our client's components need is always NFast2 International, Ltd. Co. top priority.